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Topological Classification of Interacting Fermions in 1D

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Today two new preprints on arXiv solved independently an important problem: topological classification of interacting fermions in one dimension. Remarkably, the well-known Z classes break down to Z_8 when interaction is taken into account.

Topological phases of fermions in one dimension
Lukasz Fidkowski, Alexei Kitaev

Topological Phases of One-Dimensional Fermions: An Entanglement Point of View
Ari M. Turner, Frank Pollmann, Erez Berg


arXiv Digest 08/23/10

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Observation of a finite momentum superfluid in the P-band of an optical square lattice
Georg Wirth, Matthias Ölschläger, Andreas Hemmerich
Probably the first experimental observation of orbital superfluidity? Shows many unconventional characters.

A Classification of Gapped Symmetric Phases in 1D Spin Systems
Xie Chen, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Xiao-Gang Wen

Terrence Tao on 2010 Fields medalists

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Lindenstrauss, Ngo, Smirnov, Villani

Particularly interesting to me is Stas Smirnov’s rigorous proof of conformal invariance of some 2D lattice models in statistical physics, namely percolation on triangular lattice. Physicists talk about and use these facts routinely for at least two decades under the big picture of universality but I never know that a mathematically rigorous proof was not there until Smirnov’s work in 2001(well, things like this are always there in physics…)


arXiv Digest 08/22/10

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Quantum phase diagram of the integrable $p_x+ i p_y$ fermionic superfluid
Stefan M.A. Rombouts, Jorge Dukelsky, Gerardo Ortiz

Relation between Zitterbewegung and the charge conductivity, Berry curvature and the Chern number of multi band systems
József Cserti, Gyula Dávid

The density-matrix renormalization group in the age of matrix product states
Ulrich Schollwoeck

Bound states and E_8 symmetry effects in perturbed quantum Ising chains
Jonas A. Kjäll, Frank Pollmann, Joel E. Moore