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Addition formula for half-integer order Bessel function?

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I need to know the following sum


Well, there is indeed an addition formula of this sort for spherical, or half-integer Bessel functions in textbooks. But since spherical Bessel functions naturally emerge in three dimensions, the angle part there is a Legendre polynomial:

\displaystyle \frac{\sin kR}{kR}=\sum_{n=0}^{\infty}(2n+1)\frac{J_{n+1/2}(kr)}{\sqrt{kr}}\frac{J_{n+1/2}(kr')}{\sqrt{kr'}}P_n(\cos\theta)

where R=\sqrt{r^2+{r'}^2-2rr'\cos\theta}.

Actually the sum can be done and result is a nontrivial integral. I guess there’s no closed form for that.


An elegant result on sum of powers

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\displaystyle\lim_{m\rightarrow \infty}\left[\left(\frac{1}{m}\right)^m+\left(\frac{2}{m}\right)^m+\cdots+\left(\frac{m-1}{m}\right)^m\right]=\frac{1}{e-1}

Here it is. It is highly non-trivial that the left hand side, involving sum of powers of integers, yields something like e. Elegant isn’t it.  To prove it you need Euler-Maclaurin formula which is said to be one of the indispensable tools in any mathematitian’s bag of tricks but not taught in any undergraduate course – regardless of its elementary nature, nothing more advanced than calculus. The proof can be found here